How will you celebrate daylight on June 21?

National Daylight Day is quickly approaching! How will you be celebrating daylight?

Watch this video for daylight appreciation inspiration…


5 Responses to “How will you celebrate daylight on June 21?”
  1. John Izzo says:

    I will celebrate National Daylight Appreciation Day at Golden Gate Park with my dog and family. Its a great day to celelbrate the benefits of light and the life giving force that it provides.

    I have Solatube Daylightin Systems in my office ( and in my home. While its great to be able to get outdoors and enjoy nature’s beauty its also wonderful to be able to experience the natural light in my home as well when I cant be outdoors.

  2. Lauryn says:

    I will be celebrating National Daylight Appreciation Day on the beach in San Diego and ending with a barbecue. I love that the days are getting longer and longer. It is amazing how sunlight can bring such joy!

  3. GarykPatton says:

    Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am even interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?

  4. Rex Wilson says:

    I will be in St. Louis on business where the sun will set at almost exactly 8 pm. Mostly I will be dreaming of surfing during a perfect long summer day on a perfect San Diego beach, and maybe wishing for yet more sunshine at home and in the office!

  5. In the weekend prior to National Daylighting Day, I’ll make public announcement in my blog to remind my friends in the US, China & Taiwan that June 21 is the date to celebrate Daylight, I’ll check around my properties and do necessary property management measures such as tree trimming and window cleaning to maximize the daylight availability, I’ll spend most of the day time doing yard wroks and outdoor activities to enjoy and take advanatge of daylight, including sitting in patio to have my meals, so as minimize the time to turn on indoor lighting.

    On Saturday June 25, California Institute of Environmental Design & Management (CIEDM) will host an meetup to celebrate the National Pollinator Week from June 20 to 26 at Arcadia EcoHome, a certified green building. During the walking tour of the property that I will be leading, I’ll point out to the participants about daylighting features incorporated in my design of the EcoHome to save energy and increase visual contacts with nature.

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