Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Daylight Appreciation Day

Finding better ways to enjoy the golden rays is hard to do. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Daylight Appreciation Day

#10 Celebrate the sunrise.
Take time to experience the first crack of dawn by picking a nice spot to catch the first rays of daylight.
#9 Do some gardening.
The sun is one part of the triangle that enables plants to grow. Tend to your garden, or start one for fall produce.
#8 Leave the car, take the bike to work.
Bicycling is the greenest mode of road transportation. Bask in the daylight as you power your way to the office.
#7 Have a float.
A brisk swim is nice, but hopping onto a raft and floating leisurely around in your pool, lake or ocean can be even nicer.
#6 Dine al fresco.
Head to a local lunch spot with outdoor seating or pack a picnic to enjoy at a nearby park.
#5 Go for a walk.
Grab a partner and get outdoors for a brisk walk. Even a 30 minute jaunt can leave you feeling healthy and refreshed.
#4 Hang up a hammock.
There’s nothing like relaxing in a hammock with a good book, a cold drink and a warm breeze to kick-off summer.
#3 Play outdoor games.
Whether it’s Frisbee, badminton or a game of touch football, a little friendly competition is a great way to pass the afternoon.
#2 Grill up some fun.
Invite your friends and family over for an evening barbeque. Enjoy some quality time with people you love during the last few daylight hours.
#1 Bring the outdoors in.
Bring the beauty of pure, natural daylight into your entire home with Solatube Daylighting Systems.

How will you celebrate Daylight Appreciation Day?


5 Responses to “Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Daylight Appreciation Day”
  1. Rex Wilson says:

    Living in San Diego we get spoiled as we are drenched in daylight most of the year. However I remember living in Connecticut, spending the winter and early spring anticipating these long sunny days! What a difference it would have made if we could have brought in natural light to our New England Home during those more dreary days. Discovering that the Solatube Daylighting system could do exactly that was huge for use.

    Hurray for the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, and whoever came up with National Daylight Appreciation Day!

  2. Wanda Callis says:

    Ah sunshine! Living on the East Coast we have experienced many cloudy days this season. But the Solatubes in

    my house help tremendously because even on those gloomy, cloudy days, we have LIGHT. Natural light makes

    almost everything better. We should all celebrate National Daylight Apprecioation Day and enjoy the longest day

    of the year. I know I will.!

  3. I can echo Rex’s sentiment. I used to live in Missouri, where we dealt with uneven daylight during the sometimes rainy summer months and some very short and dark days during the winter months. Now that I live in sunny San Diego it’s nice to get great natural daylight (almost) year round. My parents still live in Missouri, and they say the best Christmas gift I ever got them was their Solatube Daylighting system, which they put right at the top of their staircase. Even on drab days they still get plenty of light in their stairwell and now the only electrical light they use in that space is the light kit that is installed in their daylighting system. My dad loves the utility of having one system that does everything and my mom loves the clean look of it, especially with the TierDrop decorative fixture installed. Daylight is gooooooooooooood!

  4. Shannon G says:

    Rain or shine! Indoors or out! Always a way to have natural light in my life! And we all know a happy mom makes the whole family happy! Way to celebrate with National Daylight Appreciation Day ~ I may just have to take a day off to enjoy a little extra light.. Thanks Solatube for a great product.


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