In Honor of National Daylight Appreciation Day Let’s Play Some Trivia!

National Daylight Appreciation Day is today, June 21st, and in honor of the longest day to receive sunlight we thought it would be a good idea to get some competition going and start up a contest!

Every week for the next 4 weeks we will be asking a trivia question related to daylight and if you submit your answer and it is right, you will have a chance to win a DIY Tubular Daylighting Device. It is a pretty big deal so we suggest getting your answers in immediately(after you enjoy this long day of course)!

The first question to start off the competition is…

What prehistoric monument is most commonly associated with the winter and summer solstices and has been for about 5,000 years?

Please send your answers to for your chance to win the prize!




Please Note: You must live in the United States to participate in this contest.

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